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Nina Amouris

Founder of First Global Design, Design Haus


Nina was raised in a creative family dynamic. Members of her family include architects, interior designers as well as fine artists. She was raised in Greece and Canada but moved to the United States 23 years ago to pursue her dream of becoming a top interior designer.

She attended Concordia University in Montreal, where she graduated from the History of Design and Architecture program. Then she proceeded to continue her education in Silicon Valley in Interior Design.

She has over 18 years in residential Interior design, working with high end design projects. Her extensive travels around the world have allowed her to witness unique views and trends. She is comfortable working with different design styles ranging from traditional, transitional, farmhouse, modern, as well as eclectic which allow her to create beautiful spaces that cater to clients that want to tell their own story.

She speaks three languages, Greek, English and French, which makes it fun to conduct meetings with her clients in their native tongues whenever possible.

Her experiences also include Institutional design and commercial design.

She has built her showroom from the ground up in downtown Walnut Creek where she has worked together with her other gifted Interior designers.

Her showroom, Design Haus, is constantly evolving to the changing seasons and new upcoming design trends.

Design Haus is Nina’s vision of creating a space conducive to creativity.  She wanted an elegant friendly yet comfortable environment for her clients to feel inspired and see the vision of their home come together.

We enjoy working with the tools of our trade to help our clients visualize the end results.